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Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Five: It's Tough Being A Family Caregiver

The Friday Five is our weekly roundup of links to smart articles and helpful resources across the Web.

1. Glad to see more and more resources popping up to help individuals and families have important discussion about planning for the end of life and medical crisis situations. And, we appreciate national media coverage like this USA Today article, "Projects get people talking about end-of-life care," because it gives us and these projects the opportunity to reach and help more people.  

2. Our newsletter for family caregivers is published on the second Thursday of every month, covering topics such as depression in seniors, family and medical leave, and healthcare options. Visit our Living with Serious Illness website to sign up for the newsletter, read articles in our resource library, and search our community programs directory.

3. Chris Gardner wants family caregivers to know they're not alone. Read his post on AARP about how he was caregiver to his spouse for years while she suffered and lost function due to an inoperable brain tumor. Read "Caregivers, You're Not Alone" to know there are millions of other individuals, like yourself and like Chris, providing loving care to family members and friends.

4. We've often shared resources from the National Family Caregivers Association, and they have a great new site, Caregiver Action Network. Explore the new site to find resources, learn how you can volunteer, and make a donation, which will continue to help other family caregivers find resources, information, and education.

5. The Consumer Electronics Show is technology's annual opportunity to show off its newest innovations, gadgets, toys, etc. While most people are probably directing most of the attention to car, computer, and television technology, the show offers a lot more than just innovation in those categories. AARP's caregiving expert Amy Goyer was at the show and found two family-friendly apps that she can use in her personal life, for herself and to fulfill her role as a caregiver for her aging parents.

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