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Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Five: Helpful Resources for Caregivers

The Friday Five is our weekly roundup of links to smart articles and helpful resources across the Web.

1. We stumbled across this great caregiving blog this week. Caregiving Cafe offers its readers, family caregivers, support information, tips, and the latest articles on caregiving issues. Click your way through the site to see if some of the topics can help you.

2. A large part of caregiving is figuring out how to navigate the healthcare community. "How to Communicate with Your Parent's Medical Team" is a recent article on care.com that provides a handful of excellent tips for managing an elderly loved one's care. We especially like the tip that you shouldn't assume doctors are sharing information and to switch doctors if necessary. The first is a reminder that you have to be vigilant about tracking health information, and the second is a reminder that an individual has the power of choice.

3. Sometimes, caregiving is a job, and sometimes, as a job, it can become very stressful. Among the many great resources on the Alzheimer's Association website is this information on Caregiver Stress. It gives you a list of stress symptoms to watch out for, as well as tips on managing stress. Part of being a great caregiver is also being able to recognize when you're overwhelmed.

4. It's always great to know when there's someone helping you fight the good fight. For family caregivers, one of those fighters is Rosalynn Carter. Read this article from Forbes to learn about how Carter is championing caregivers through the Rosalynn Carter Institute for Caregiving. When you read her three insights into caregiving, you'll be assured that she gets it; she gets what caregivers need from our country.

5. There may come a day in your caregiving journey when you're ready to bring in reinforcements, a little extra support. If you've been caring for a loved on with a life-limiting illness, that support might be hospice care. It can be difficult to let strangers in to your home and your personal lives, and that's why you want to choose the hospice that's right for you and your loved one. Let this Choosing Hospice worksheet from Caring Connections help you make your decision.

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