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Monday, October 1, 2012

Online Resources for Family Caregivers

AARP Caregiver Resource Center

This online resource center is a wealth of information for individuals caring for an elderly adult. The AARP Caregiver Resource Center has articles about caregiving, worksheets to help caregivers organize health and legal information, and regular webinars and live chats to help answer your caregiving questions. We love to follow the Take Care blog for regular updates from Amy Goyer, the AARP Family Expert who blogs about her own caregiving challenges for her elderly parents.

Caregivers can find a library of information and educational resources from the National Family Caregivers Association, as well as support from other caregivers when you join their Family Caregiver Community. Their free resources for those who sign up include monthly e-letters, quarterly newsletters, and educational brochures. Use the link above to access NFCA resources, as well as their list of additional recommended resources.

This is the government’s link list to a variety of resources to meet your caregiving needs. The website offers resources on a number of caregiving topics, such as finding care help, accessing government benefits, legal matters and end of life issues, long-distance care, and support for caregivers. It’s worth your time to take a look at some of these government resources so you’re educated about the benefits available to you and your loved one. Caregivers will also find the comparison tools and checklists especially useful.

Caregivers can utilize the short, easy-to-read articles on the Caring Connections website when planning ahead or while caring for someone. The site is easy to navigate and will help you realize the different issues that might arise while caring for someone as well as help you determine the different financial, legal, and health needs of your loved one.

Caregivers of aging adults should be aware of the individual’s current Medicare benefits, changes to Medicare, and investigate any potential benefits that the individual isn’t utilizing. Use the government’s Medicare.gov site to educate yourself about benefits, find health and drug plans, providers, or to replace a lost or incorrect card. Spend some time exploring the Medicare website to discover all of the information and resources available to you and your loved one.

Compiled by Carrie Bui, Communications Specialist

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