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Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Five: Caregiving Responsibilities

The Friday Five is our weekly roundup of links to smart articles and helpful resources across the Web.

1. The Washington Post offered a great opinion piece, "The growing burden on caregivers" from Michelle Singletary this week about the responsibilities family caregivers are shouldering. It's a heavy burden, affecting millions in this country, and we're confident that the more national attention family caregivers receive, the more resources we can develop for this population. And we have to say, there's power in the fact that Singletary writes this column from the personal experience of helping care for a diabetic father-in-law.

2. We tend to focus a lot on the sandwich caregiver, the middle-aged adult caring for elderly parents at the same time they're trying to care for young children. CNN presented this great reminder that not all caregivers are middle-aged adults. Some caregivers are teenagers, young people who've had to grow up quickly and care for an ill parent or assist the family with an aging grandparent. "Young caregivers put life on hold" is at once heartbreaking and inspiring. Make sure you watch the videos on the side, and keep a tissue handy.

3. The Pima Council on Aging offers support groups for caregivers around the Tucson area. The groups are open to anyone who provides care to individuals aged 60 or older. Support groups are free of charge, and PCOA recommends calling in advance to confirm meeting time and location if it's your first meeting.

4. Is it possible you could be missing out on potential benefits? This AARP Benefits QuickLink can help you discover programs that will save you money on health care, medications, utilities, food, and more.

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