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Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Five: Suggestions for Elder Resources

1. We enjoyed the entry posted this week in the San Diego Caregiver's Blog, "A Caregiver's Story: Art Inspired By Brother's Hospice Journey." Eva Valadez's story reminds us that there are many ways to being with people, and ways to offer them comfort that aren't just physical. We're sure that Valadez's art gave many individuals a little bit of comfort for their souls.

2. We always encourage you to use the resources available specifically for family caregivers or patients facing the end of life. A great resource for people caring for a loved one is Lotsa Helping Hands, a site that helps you set up a free community website. This website is a great tool to help coordinate care with multiple caregivers, keep long-distance family and friends in the loop, and offer support to one another.

3. Have you recently taken on a caregiving role for an elderly or seriously ill loved one? Family Caregiving 101 is a great place to get started with suggestions on how to manage, assessing your abilities, and understanding the stages of caregiving.

4. The National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization kicked off a national summer tour to educate individuals on the benefits of hospice. They've partnered with music festivals across the country to increase information and public awareness. The HospiceFest press release lists the music festival partners with cities and dates.

5. The website for the National Institutes of Health Senior Health has a great collection of videos covering a variety of senior health topics. One great series for family caregivers and patients to watch is the Talking with your Doctor series. It's easy to walk into a doctor's office, be flooded with information, and then leave without having any actual understanding. Use these videos as a way to prepare yourself and not end up overwhelmed with information.

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