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Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Five Discusses Aging Issues

The Friday Five is our weekly roundup of links to smart articles and helpful resources covering topics such as aging, elder care, family caregiving, hospice, and grief issues.

1. We liked the feel-good feeling that this New Old Age blog entry left us. "Therapy of a Different Sort" is a look at how a trained social worker/psychoanalyst has created a positive support group in her home for women discussing aging topics. The group is called "Vibrant Seniors," and the gatherings sound like a lovely way for these seniors to add some companionship, to have a space to ask questions, and to share their feelings about some major life changes. It'll be interesting to see if this model could be replicated across the country.

2. It's always a great thing to read about people discussing end of life topics, especially people with influence and reach, like Tom Brokaw. Award-winning journalist Brokaw, along with his daughter Jennifer, had just that kind of discussion at TEDx Stanford, "Brokaws talk end-of-life decisions." Not only did they share the national facts, how unprepared most of us are in case a loved one becomes unable to share their health care wishes, but also how the Brokaws have discussed end of life options. It's a great opportunity to expand the national discussion on advance directives and healthcare planning.

3. Those who have a loved one with Alzheimer's, or work closely with Alzheimer's patients and their families, have been abuzz over the news of the National Alzheimer's Plan. Learn more about the plan from this op-ed piece to CNN, "The end of Alzheimer's can start today," by the Alzheimer's Association's senior director of medical and scientific relations. It is an exciting to imagine being able to understand this disease better, and to help millions of affected individuals.

4. Are you considering hospice care for your terminally ill loved one? NHPCO's Caring Connections program offers this hospice checklist to help you prepare for calling the hospice.

5. Hospice care is a covered healthcare service under Medicare, but patients and families often need additional assistance and support. Foundations, such as our Casa de la Luz Foundation, rely on donations from the community to provide supplemental services that are not covered by insurance. Make a donation to the Casa de la Luz Foundation to show your support for hospice care. Supplemental services might include rent or mortgage assistance, funeral arrangements or cremation assistance, groceries, utilities, or more.

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