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Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Five: About Hospice and Caregiving

The Friday Five is our weekly roundup of links to smart articles and helpful resources across the Web.

1. Have you ever considered what it means to live a day in the life of a hospice nurse? Here's an awesome story about Kim Crinella, a hospice nurse manager for an inpatient unit. "Hospice nurse manager earns trust of patients, families" is a lovely profile about a compassionate hospice nurse. For Crinella, "the goodness far outweighs the sadness" in hospice nursing.

2. The Deseret News is featuring a wonderful series, titled Life's Final Journey with six articles discussing death and dying. The second article, "How will I die: Finding hope in hospice" is a great story about how hospice can care for patients and their families. We would recommend this article for those who are trying to understand what hospice services include and if it's the right decision for you and your loved one.

3. The Hospice Foundation of America has a great audio webinar for family caregivers featuring advice on how to cope with the regular challenges of caregiving. The webinar is only 20 minutes, and there's an option to download an mp3 file. Download the mp3 and listen to it at your convenience.

4. A few weeks ago, we posted a link to an article by Sandra Tsing Loh in The Atlantic. If you read the article or if it touched a note, you might be interested in this NPR interview with Loh, "A Caretaker's Conflict: Love, Resentment Collide." It's a nice follow-up to the issues raised in the article.

5. We always try to recommend a couple resources for family caregivers, and this week, I want to recognize caregivers whose first language might not be English. As a Tucson-based hospice, it's not unusual for us to have non-native English speakers on our service. The Family Caregiver Alliance offers fact sheets for caregivers in Spanish and Chinese.

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