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Friday, December 23, 2011

Friday Five Focuses on Family Caregivers' Needs

The Friday Five is our weekly round up of links to smart articles and helpful resources across the Web. 

1. If you're a caregiver, or a family member of a caregiver, remember these points from this Nevada Appeal article this holiday weekend, "Caregiving Over the Holidays." Perhaps the best gift you can offer a caregiver is a little extra support, a good ear, and some respite from their daily duties.

2. Speaking of gift ideas for caregivers, AARP Caregiver blogger Amy Goyer compiled a two-part Christmas wish list. The first part of her Caregiver's Christmas Wish List offers the more intangible gifts she would like as a caregiver for her aging parents. Use this list to help inspire the thanks you offer to the caregiver in your life, and let's remember that this wish list is probably good any time of the year, not just Christmas.

3. There's always going to be day when it feels like just a little too much. The National Family Caregivers Association offers some messages to live by. When it gets a little hard, when you're not sure you can do it, read NFCA's Believe in Yourself.

4. Dementia is a complicated and heartbreaking disease, especially hard on family caregivers. Read the Family Caregiver Alliance's Guide to Understanding Dementia Behaviors for helpful suggestions on communication and managing difficult behaviors.

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