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Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Five

The Friday Five is our weekly roundup of links to resources and smart articles across the Web.

1. AARP Bulletin shared a story this week about The High Cost of Caregiving. We can only hope it's an eye-opener to the rest of the country and the powers that be. It is financially, physically, and emotionally taxing to be a family caregiver, and yet people around the country are doing it every day.

2. You know you need to have a discussion about the end of life with your loved ones. You know you need to talk to your loved ones about how much medical intervention you want, how you want to be cared for, the place where you hope to live out your last days. But you don't know where to begin. The Engage with Grace project offers you one PowerPoint slide to help start your discussion today.

3. Watch The Last Chapter, a documentary sponsored by the Jewish Healthcare Foundation, and then share it with others. Taking control of end of life decision-making before a crisis can lead to a better end of life.

4. It's stressful caring for a loved one with a serious illness. We try to remind caregivers often that they need to remember to care for themselves as well as their loved ones. Here are Mayo Clinic's Tips for Taking Care of Yourself.

5. There are a lot of people fighting for attention on Capitol Hill, but it's easier to be heard when you're part of a group. If you support hospice care and want your politicians to do the same, join Hospice Action Network advocates as they work to preserve and expand hospice care in America.

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